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Since its establishment in 1987, MPB Recruitment Group has developed into a leading recruitment company.

MPB stands for Management, People and Business. We pursue our people business with passion because we are convinced that the individual is the most important success factor in a company.

With verve and professional skill, we will locate the people who will move your company forward. We systematically search for suitable people and analyse and select candidates using precisely defined methods – to ensure your company enlists the most ideally suited personalities.

MPB Recruitment Group

Standing f.l.t.r.: Tirza Schwander, Helmut Zimmerli-Menzi, Sabine Schüpbach Blunier, Thomas Markwirth, Liliane Bürgin, Simon Ursprung, Marie-Christine Luber, Gabriela Brahier Stark, Ramona Zimmerli, Nathalie Resch, Lila Jami
Sitting f.l.t.r.: Birgit Böhler-Räuber, Magdalena Will, Philipp Uhlmann-Stefani, Regina Graf, Othmar Cueni

The range of services of the MPB Recruitment Group

MPB Executive Search: Headhunting at top level

With MPB Executive Search, you may expect international recruiting at top level provided by our experienced headhunters. Whether for the governing board, C level or top management: We scan the market because filling top positions is our business.

We know the success factors for the sustained filling of vacancies: From detailed briefing via professional research right through to direct and competent direct contact, we take the search and evaluation of candidates to its successful conclusion through selecting and screening interviews.

MPB Assess: Practice-driven assessments

When it comes to filling vacancies, human resource development or succession planning, assessments deliver the most reliable and meaningful information on a person’s suitability. We at MPB Assess identify the most suitable person for your specific position – across all industries.

In order to give you a maximum of individuality, we work out a needs-based program for each assessment, providing assessments for different performance and hierarchy levels. Our quality guarantee rests on scientific methods and the latest tools, coupled with a sense of proportion, common sense and a wealth of experience in judging people.

MPB – We accept responsibility.

Competence and good judgement are indispensable factors in the search and selection of personalities for key positions. The ultimate objective is the perfect match of candidate and company. To accomplish this goal, we dig deep, seeing the knowledge of the client’s company, the position to be filled and the appropriate markets as central elements. This allows us to guarantee to match position and person in the best possible way.

MPB – We find the right people.

“If two businesses do the same thing, that’s far from saying they do the identical thing: It’s people who make all the difference. They define the corporate culture and are crucial for business success. We at MPB are specialists in finding people who are prepared to actively lead a company to success. People Business calls for competence and experience. But also for a good deal of respect for the task in hand, a sense of proportion and the human touch. Trust MPB – We make all the difference”.

Helmut Zimmerli-Menzi
Managing Partner

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